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5 amazing game glitches

As games become more complex, there’s all the more scope for things to go wrong in hilarious ways. And brilliantly, YouTube makes it easy to capture these moments of madness for posterity, even after the games are inevitably patched by shame-faced developers.

Here we celebrate five unintentionally hilarious bugs. Enjoy!

5. Fallout New Vegas will make your head spin

A bug in a game the size of Fallout is pretty much expected. It’s enormous. But you’d have thought that the neck of literally the first character you speak to in game snapping and spinning round might have at least made an intern’s email checklist of possible bugs?

4. FIFA Soccer 13 player’s goal celebrations turn romantic

It’s in! He’s scored the winning goal and… hang on, how is he celebrating? Oh my.


3. Tiger Woods walks on water

Turns out Tiger Woods had a hidden skill in the 2008 edition of the annual EA golf sim. He can take shots from water, without having a penalty shot added. What a pro.


To EA Sports’ credit, they acknowledged the bug and used it as their marketing for Tiger Woods 09. See? It wasn’t a bug.


2. Heavy Rain’s (SHAAAAUN!) dramatic ending (SHAAAAAUN!) spoiled

As you might imagine in a game about a serial killer abducting and then drowning children, Heavy Rain is not so big on the belly laughs. Which is why this glitch from the closing scene is so wonderful. An overenthusiastic player managed to break the inputs, meaning he could make Ethan shout ‘Shaun’ whenever he felt like. Which it turns out is often.

    Contains big old spoilers if you haven’t played Heavy Rain.

1. All singing, all dancing Alien in Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines wasn’t short of a bug or two, but few were as wholly unexpectedly funny as YouTube user grizzl360 made it with the simple addition of music. Turn up the volume on this one if you want to fully appreciate it: we promise you won’t regret it.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments.

  • Michael Brook

    This is hilarious!

  • Ed King

    Ashes Cricket 2013 should of made the list.. the whole game was a bug.

  • Briar Harrison

    Why is the glitch of the players kissing funny? Of course the game creators most likely did not intend to add it, however calling it hilarious reeks of homophobia.

    • Kyle Ellison

      Hi Briar, thanks for your comment. We didn’t think the FIFA glitch was funny because it’s two men, but because it’s two players appearing to kiss passionately in the context of a football match. It would be just as funny if any two gaming characters (male or female) shared a romantic moment outside of a game’s context. What does everyone else think?

  • Eujik Konovod

    It OS funny because it’s two guys kissing, because that’s gay. Homosexuals and homosexual supporters are still a huge minority. So yes it’s funny because there is straight gayness happening in this game. And I’m laughing along with the rest of everyone else. Suck it up.

  • Nathan Yocum

    Kyle I think its hilarious. We all do. Except for Briar apparently. Must be the life of parties.

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