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Future Tech: 

Glowing roads make Netherlands look like Tron

Glow in the dark roads

Solar-powered, photo-luminescent powder makes the paint glow for eight hours.

Looking like a scene from the iconic game and film franchise, Tron, new glow in the dark road markings in the Netherlands, drawn with luminescent paint, are in use and making driving a LOT more fun.

How it works

Designed by Studio Roosegaarde, the painted markings are currently only being used on a select 500-metre stretch of road as part of a testing phase. The paint features solar-powered, photo-luminescent powder, which absorbs the sun and makes it shine at night for up to eight hours.

Where you can see it

As reported by the BBC, it is the first time “glowing lines” technology has been piloted on the road and can be seen on the N329 in Oss, approximately 100km south east of Amsterdam.

Future plans

The company also hopes to introduce a charging lane for electric cars on the road

The company also hopes to introduce a charging lane.

The plan by the innovative Studio Roosengaarde is to create technologies that are linked to weather conditions; for instance, glowing snowflakes that only appear on the road when it’s cold enough for ice, or wind-powered lights that only shine when cars are passing by. There are also plans for a charging lane to juice eco vehicles while they drive.

These technologies are due to be ready to use in the next couple of years. We’d love to see them lighting up the rest of the world.

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