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This is Harley-Davidson’s first electric bike

harley davidson electric bike

Project LiveWire can hit 0-60 in under four seconds.

What do you think of when we say the words Harley-Davidson? If it’s enormous Hells Angels-type bikers covered in tattoos and leather then think again – the iconic motorcycle brand is going electric.

Sort of. Harley-Davidson unveiled its first electric bike this week but it won’t be available to buy. Instead, members of the public are being invited to trial the all-electric ‘Project Livewire’ bike and provide their feedback.

Details of LiveWire are scarce at present, but the company revealed the bike can hit 0-60 in less than four seconds. “It’s actually pretty cool,” says Wired.

Can I have a go?

If you want to be among the luck few to test Project LiveWire, you probably won’t have to travel far – if you can wait, it may well come to you.

Harley-Davidson are taking the bike on a 30-city tour across the US, where potential customers can take it for a spin and offer their thoughts. The “Project LiveWire Experience” tour begins in New York on June 24 before heading to Boston and Philadephia. The remaining cities will be announced week, with the company promising to reach Canada and Europe next year.

Harley-Davidson’s patriotic President commented: “America at its best has always been about reinvention, and, like America, Harley-Davidson has reinvented itself many times in our history, with customers leading us every step of the way.”

Visit the Harley-Davidson website for more details.

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