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Future Tech: 

HashKey is the 1-key keyboard to help you stay on-trend


It’s the hashtag solution that literally nobody has been waiting for

Hunting for the hashtag key is a game as old as the Apple Mac computer. Usually it’s minor mental blank, but in worse cases it can involve up to 2 minutes of staring blankly into the keyboard growing quietly infuriated. Finally then, somebody has decided that enough is enough, setting out to end this mildly irritating dilemma once and for all.

The solution? A dedicated hashtag key that plugs right into your computer via USB, so it’s always right on hand when you need to #tag or #tweet a #trending #topic. Y’see, even typing that last sentence was kind of an ordeal.

HashKey is the subject of a Kickstarter campaign that hopes to raise £15,000 (around $23,500), so it can develop and manufacture its mini-hashtags and ship them out to those desperately in need. At the moment there’s just a prototype, but the campaign has already raised £2,237 at the time of writing with a couple of weeks left on the clock – so yes, there are people out there that actually want this.

One of those people is the inventor of the hashtag, Chris Messina, who should know a thing or two about this sort of thing. He endorsed the project, saying: “This is #awesome! I love it!”

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, HashKey creator Ben Gomori commented: “It is a bit of fun but it is a genuine project and has a specific appeal for social media nerds like me. It’s meant to celebrate the hashtag and the contribution it’s made to communication both online and off. It’s got an aesthetic pleasure and it’s a nice thing to have on your desk as well as fun thing to give as a present.”

So, good idea? Terrible? Each HashKey costs £17 ($25) for early backers, and you can find our more or pledge towards the campaign by visiting the Kickstarter.

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