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Future Tech: 

Is this what our kitchens will be like in 2025?

"Wait, that's a mango? I thought I'd bought a lime!"

“Wait, that’s a mango? I thought I’d bought a lime!”

If you imagine what your house will look like in 10 years time, you might struggle to think beyond the PlayStation 5 and robot butler, but eventually the kitchen gets a look-in. Concept Kitchen 2025 is a student project that imagines how the kitchen will function in just 10 short years time.

Students from Lund and Eindhoven universities were briefed by design firm IDEO London to work on a future kitchen, but were encouraged to think of several imagined (but not hard to imagine) limitations we may see coming into play in the next few years. People will live in very small city flats, the kitchen is the main living and work space, and food – especially meat – is limited. On top of that, recycling is ubiquitous, groceries are instantly delivered and people work from home.

One future kitchen in particular caught our eye here at Go Explore.


In this concept, the kitchen table appears pretty ordinary looking, until food is placed on it, at which point it not only makes suggestions about what you’d like to cook with it (‘Oh hey, you’re cooking a tomato, maybe that mint ice cream won’t really go with it?’*), but also how you should go about preparing said fruit. Like Microsoft’s Clippy, turned into aesthetically appealing furniture.

The timer is then set, and induction coils underneath the wood surface begin cooking your food to perfection, which is likely to give the cat a bit of a shock if you manage to source a rare bit of monkfish.


Even more interesting are the shelving units which are modular and plug into the wall, as they actually replace fridge storage, keeping your perishables fresh with induction cooling. This has the extra effect of making you always aware of left-overs, rather than letting stuff rot: it’s always there, silently judging you. Which should cut down nicely on food waste.

There’s a whole recycling unit too – kind of a home bottle bank that helps you sort out your reusables to be collected. Even the sink is designed to empty into a composting system, where waste is compacted into a small disc to be collected by the government. Water is extracted and used on any plants you have space for.


It’s all pie-in-the-sky stuff, knowing how little some furniture has changed in the last decade, though. We suspect our kitchen will look pretty similar in 2025 (though hopefully someone will have thrown out the sorry looking salad by then, or the recycling will be the last of our problems).

In any case, you can find a video of the future kitchen below.


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