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Out of washing powder? Just push Amazon’s new Dash Button


Nope, that’s a setting dial. The button you need is just above that.

What started out as a potential April Fool’s prank has now progressed to full-on reality. Amazon’s Dash Buttons have been made available to purchase.

Initially the Dash Button was announced on March 31, not the best timing from the online retail giants. The company announced they’d made a physical button that you could buy and use to purchase specific products whenever you pressed it.

A joke, it was not.

The Dash Buttons have now been made available in the US for $4.99, but so far only to Prime members. In total, there are eighteen of these Dash Buttons which give you the option to buy products such as paper towels, water bottles and Gerber baby formula. The essentials, you could say.

Each of the buttons represents a specific brand, offering you a choice of product and quantity whenever you choose to place an order. It seems it’s just another piece of tech that makes for a more convenient life. Another step closer to the dream first promised by Homer Simpson – living your life from the comfort of your living room sofa.

All you have to do in order to get the Dash Buttons working is connect it to your Wi-Fi network using the Amazon smartphone app. Then with a simple push of the button your order will be placed. Once your first order has shipped you can then press the button again to process a second order. If you turn on ‘multiple orders’ then pressing the button more than once will allow for just that; multiple orders per click.

We can’t seem to see any flaws in the idea, unless you’ve got small children around. It’s difficult to resist pushing buttons at the best of times – particularly ones you’re not supposed to push – so don’t be surprised when you wake up to a delivery of 500 boxes of washing powder.

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