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Future Tech: 

Interactive Restaurant Technology jazzes up our dining experience

Today's specials look delish!

Today’s specials look delish!

Customer service at a restaurant is usually a make or break for our dining experience. What if we told you that you don’t need to worry about rude waiters or your orders being delayed anymore?

Ukrainian tech firm Kodisoft is working on IRT that is short for Interactive Restaurant Technology. This revolutionary system does exactly what it says on the tin, allowing you to browse through a digital menu of entrees, mains and drinks. The digital menu can provide you with extensive details on what’s available, it can easily be updated with daily specials and also features photo galleries to help you make an informed decision about your food. You can then place your order through a tablet or LED screen on your table, making the kitchen-customer relationship more efficient.

Another impressive feature of the system is to recognize returning customers and by tracing their eating habits, offer them suggestions that will most probably fit their palette.

The infiltration of technology in our dining experiences has been slow but steady. In the video below you can see flying drones serving food by YO!Sushi whereas Inamo restaurant in London has been an original by introducing its own version of the interactive restaurant technology.

The specific system is used in two restaurants: Oshi in Cyprus, and Ebony in Dubai but many more are believed to succumb to the wonders of the digital age. Drones bringing us our food? Ordering through tablets? Can you imagine what follows after? We put our money on digital chefs! What do you say

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