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iPhone 6: Did reality meet expectations?

Alas! iPhone 6 is here!

The guessing games are over. The iPhone 6 is here.

No more speculation. The iPhone 6 has arrived.

After a typically frantic couple of months building up to the announcement of the new phone, the internet can at last breathe a sigh of relief. Following yesterday’s keynote presentation from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, CA, we now know everything there is to know about the long-awaited iPhone 6. But is what we got exactly what we expected? Let’s take a closer look and compare how expectations stacked up against reality.

1) The Screen

It was no secret that fans and tech experts expected the screen to be the most radically altered feature of the iPhone 6. Rumour had it that that the screen would be bigger and better and, last but not least, be made of Sapphire instead of the standard Gorilla Glass.

Last night saw all but one of those rumours to be true. The new screen is indeed bigger – 4.7 inches for iPhone 6 and 5.5 for iPhone 6 Plus – but it’s not made of Sapphire. Instead of using the ‘unbreakable’ material to shield the new phone, Apple created a new Retina HD display focusing on quality. According to Apple, the new screen delivers “higher contrast, dual‑domain pixels for more accurate colour at wider viewing angles, and an improved polariser.” The company claims that the display is the thinnest and most advanced they’ve ever made.

2) The Design

When it comes to the design of new phones there is always a unanimous expectation – thinner. Both versions of the new iPhone did not fail to deliver with the iPhone 6 measuring 6.9mm and iPhone 6 Plus 7.1mm. Apart from being thinner, the new phone saw some redesign in terms of the frame. The sharp, sleek edges of its predecessor have become rounder and smoother. In Apple’s own words: “The cover glass curves down around the sides to meet the anodised aluminium enclosure in a remarkable, simplified design.”

iphone 6-body(1)

3) Apple Pay

Expectations were running high about Apple incorporating Near Field Communication (NFC) in its phones for the first time. Again, Apple did not disappoint fans, introducing Apple Pay for the first time in Cupertino.

This new payment method makes life a lot easier for users by offering them the chance to substitute the hassle of multiple credit cards with the simplicity of their phone. Combining Passbook to register your cards and the fingerprint ID feature for more security, users can purchase whatever they like, without giving away any information to the vendor about the card number, name or security code. Likewise, Apple won’t be able to see what you are buying or how much you are paying for it. Unfortunately for international customers, the new feature is only available in the US for now.

4) Beaming logo

In late July, an article by Uswitch in collaboration with famous Apple leaking site Sonny Dickson teased fans by leaking pictures of the supposed new iPhone 6, claiming that the logo on the back of the phone could be ‘beaming’. We don’t know whether fans were particularly excited about seeing a beaming Apple every time they received a message or an email notification, but rest-assured the new phone does not support the rumoured feature.

5) The Camera

Contrary to speculation about a completely revamped camera, the new iPhone 6 still has an 8Mp sensor and a lens with an f/2.2 aperture. The features, however, have changed. Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus both offer 1080p HD video at 60 fps, 240-fps slo-mo, and time-lapse video. The new ‘focus pixels’ is a similar feature used on SLR cameras and helps users take pictures faster. So, while not a completely new camera, it’s definitely an improved one.

Do you think the iPhone 6 exceeded expectations? Take the poll to the right and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Photos: Apple

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