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Future Tech: 

iPhone 6 proves that everything looks better in slow-motion

Smartphones have long been packing enough megapixels to rival any ordinary camera, but there’s more to Apple’s latest devices than a razor sharp resolution. With the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus you can shoot in super slow-motion, enabling you to produce slick, professional-looking video at 240fps. Best of all, it’s as simple as pointing the phone and pushing record.

Not everyone is gifted with a camera in their hand but, as you’ll see, the iPhone’s slow-motion capture is capable of making even the everyday look spectacular. Put something more interesting in front of the camera then, and the results will amaze you.

Backflipping cheerleaders

Watching backflips in slow-motion is surprisingly stressful. Now put a group of backflipping cheerleaders in a a line and the tension is almost unbearable.

Cat drinking milk

This really shouldn’t be as captivating as it is.

Perfect wine pour

Apply the slow-motion effect to your food and drink for food porn at its finest. Feeling thirsty?

Clever cardistry

With the help of a few clever editing tricks, you can turn your impressive hobby into an art form.

Slow-mo Disneyland

There are few more hectic places than Disneyland in Summer, but slow the scene down and its beauty is revealed.

Shaking wet dog

Shaking wet dog does exactly what it says on the tin, but there are few better ways to spend 14 seconds.

Striking a match

As we mentioned earlier, even the ordinary can be transfixing at 240 fps…

Skipping rope gymnastics

…so take something extraordinary and prepare to be amazed.

Tennis ball catch

Such concentration. Such poise. Such grace.

Playing with fire

The easiest way to learn how to juggle is to watch a pro and slow it down. Maybe practice with tennis balls first, though.

Skateboard tutorial

As with the fire juggling, we can watch these tricks broken down inch-by-inch but we still won’t be able to reenact them ourselves.

Pedestrians in The Matrix

Slow down any busy shopping street and you’ll have an outtake from The Matrix in a matter of minutes.

Crying baby

The moment a loud bell rings and a baby’s world turns upside down. See the full range of emotions from fear and distress, through to sadness, anger and fury. Now stop filming and comfort the poor thing.

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