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Luna is the ultimate smart sheet for a perfect night’s sleep


Luna is surely the smartest sheet known to man

From a simple smartphone alarm, to orb-like sleep trackers and an app that invites strangers into your bedroom – modern technology will try just about anything to help us rest easier at night. Now there’s Luna – the smart mattress cover that promises to combine the best of these innovations into a single sheet.

In many ways, Luna appears to be the ultimate sleeping aid. The machine-washable mattress cover will learn your bedtime and warm your bed before you get in, adjusting to your room’s temperature throughout the night for the optimum setting. It will also track your sleeping habits and activate an alarm when you’re in a light sleep phase – all controlled automatically or via a dedicated app.

Where Luna really proves its smart credentials, though, is the way it interacts with other objects. Not restricted just to the bedroom, the mattress cover can communicate with Nest to set the temperature in your home, with smart locks to secure doors and windows and with a WiFi-enabled coffee machine so you can wake up to a cuppa joe. Of course, you’ll need to own all of the other smart gadgets, but it’s not bad for a bed cover.

Straight out of the box Luna comes fitted with a discreet microphone, Wi-Fi, and a variety of different sensors so it can understand how you sleep. It’s even flexible for two people sharing a bed, with the option of selecting two different temperatures for you and your partner.

Luna is the subject of an Indiegogo campaign, but it managed to smash it’s target in a single day. The mattress cover has raised nearly double it’s $100,000 target with 30 days still left on the clock. Pre-order prices begin at $179, with the covers expected to be delivered in August 2015. Head over to Indiegogo to see the full range of options.

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