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Future Tech: 

This may be the closest you come to starring in a movie


Video games have kept us entertained for decades, whether it’s shooting bad guys, destroying zombies or scoring the greatest ever goal. There has always been something for everyone. But haven’t you ever just wanted to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy a coffee in a diner. Well, with new game ‘Virginia’ from independent game developer Variable State, you can.

Virginia has been described as an ‘interactive drama’, a game that will last about as long as a regular movie would. The aim, before you begin questioning their motive here, is to use a unique form of storytelling and backdrop to create a new video game experience.

Early plot lines indicate that you play the role of a new FBI agent whose first case focuses around the disappearance of a young boy in rural America. The game is heavily influenced by the strange and dark mysteries that were popular during the 1990’s, namely The X-Files and Twin Peaks.

Developer, Jonathan Burroughs, told The Verge, “I hope we can make something more personal. The emphasis is squarely on the storytelling and making a story which the player participates in and experiences firsthand.”

Virginia Screenshot

Burrows and his partner Terry Kenny previously worked at studio giants EA and Rockstar, but decided that if they wanted to accomplish their goal of creating a much more personal gaming experience, they would have to do so on their own.

What may be of concern are Burroughs’ comments on the enjoyment of the game. He says that rather than wanting people to enjoy the game, he wants them to feel ‘something a game has never made them feel before’.

Virginia is due for release in 2015 on PC

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