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Moleskine Livescribe gives you digital notes in an instant

Taking notes to another level

Taking notes to another level

Premium notebook maker Moleskine has partnered up with electronic pen provider Livescribe to create the ultimate writing experience.

Livescribe has been around since 2008 and creates pens that can store handwritten notes into digital format as well as convert them into audio form.

When you combine that technology with the iconic Italian design of the Moleskine notebooks you have an optimized result that gives notetakers the best of both the digital and physical worlds.

“There’s something magical about writing on paper with a pen, it opens up your imagination and allows you to expand your thinking beyond the constraints of a keyboard,” said Gilles Bouchard, CEO of Livescribe, in a recent statement. “With these new Moleskine notebooks and a Livescribe smartpen, you can tap into that inspiration and store everything on your digital devices too.”

Bringing together technology and design

Bringing technology and design together

The notebooks feature 240 pages instead of the normal 195 whilst they retain Moleskine’s traditional ivory-tinted paper on a textured cover. The notebooks have icons that can connect with the camera of the pen and can trigger specific actions. The icons can pause and stop audio recording and save up a lot of time and page space for the user, making the experience more efficient.

As reported by Venture Beast, “Far from disappearing, handwriting is developing into new forms,” says Maria Sebregondi, co-founder and vice president of brand equity and communications at Moleskine. “Whereas once it relied on a quill and inkpot, now we use roller pens, spray cans, or smartpens to capture our thoughts. We’re creating tools and services which bridge analog and digital methods for a more seamless experience. The Livescribe notebook is a further step in that direction, building on our previous partnerships with digital companies.”

Moleskine Livescribe is priced at $30 and is available on the Moleskine website.

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