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Future Tech: 

A new app that solves Math equations in seconds

Cheating app or learning tool?

Cheating app or learning tool?

Math problems and calculators have been an unbreakable combo for decades but a new app – PhotoMath – could put an end to that.

Presented at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe, the PhotoMath app solves any kind of math problems and equations in seconds. The only thing you have to do is use the camera of your phone to focus on the equation you wish to be solved and within seconds the answer will pop up on your screen.

Students will be delighted with the news since they are a few clicks away from turning the most complex math problems into instant answers.

But how will teachers feel about this app?

Fear that this will turn into a cheating tool that will teach students nothing by just giving them the answer, can be allayed slightly since the app does so much more than giving the answer. The user can navigate through the whole problem-solving process being able to learn from the step-by-step explanation offered by the app.

Coming from tech company MicroBlink that specializes in developing text recognition software, this new app could mark the beginning of a whole new range of uses for text recognition tech.

“We started developing our technology three years ago. Now, our technology is mature enough, so we are going to develop broader usages with it,” co-founder and CEO Damir Sabol said in an interview with TechCrunch.

PhotoMath is only available for iOS and Windows as we speak but a compatible version for Android users is in the works for early 2015.

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