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Get to know your feet with Boogio fitness tracker


Boogio is intended for gaming as well as fitness

The deluge of wearable devices designed to keep you fit just keeps coming. Now, a new product called Boogio is added to a saturated market with a the niche focus of tracking the movement and force of a user’s feet.

As well as fitness, the company expects the technology to have serious impact on gaming. The identified movements can be translated into a virtual world, raising the bar for simulator games. Other possible uses could be pairing gaming and fitness, where the users can be motivated when they feel they are part of a game. In addition, Boogio could prove useful in the medical world, providing athletes with critical feedback when recovering from injuries.

Boogio is essentially comprised of two devices that are placed in each of the user’s shoes. The devices are able to monitor the force being placed on a user’s foot, and transfer that information to the user’s mobile phone.

The gadget that’s planted in the shoe will be ultra-thin, meaning it will not obstruct the user whilst walking or running. A Bluetooth compartment is also attached to the side of the shoe, aiding to the transmission of information from the shoe to the phone.

REFLEX Labs, the team behind Boogio, promises 60,000 layers of pressure sensitivity, making the devices susceptible to feeling even small 3D movements in real time.

Currently, you can pre-order the Boogio beta version at a price of US$189. The price includes two beta boards with shoe clips, two shoe inserts, two chargers, and also shipping. For those deciding to pre-order shipping will commence in the later stages of 2014.

Let’s see what more there’s in store for us in the tech clothing world.

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