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Future Tech: 

Reemo: Control everything with the flick of a wrist


You know how superheroes can create magical moments with a simple arm gesture? Well with Reemo, it’s time for us all to feed our inner Superman.

Using a unique gesture-based technology, Reemo puts you in complete control of your electronic devices. Whether at home or in the office, you’ll never have to leave the comfort of your seat again. Open the blinds? Easy. Turn down the lights? Simple. You can even point and control your coffee machine in the morning so it’s ready for you by the time you’re dressed.

Reemo is a wristband that works by interpreting your movements into unique gestures, transmitting the commands over bluetooth. As well as general household devices, the wristband is also compatible with Mac and Windows so that you can take full control of your desktop.


I command you to snooze!

How does it work you ask? Once you’ve paired the receivers with your desired appliances, all you need to do is point towards the device you wish to control, and perform the required gesture. For example, if you want to turn on your lamp, point your arm towards the lamp, and rotate it 180 degrees to brighten up your room.

While Reemo is still in its early stages, if COO Al Baker is to be believed then the potential is enormous. He says, “It’ll control pretty much anything that runs on electricity. It could be a thermostat, or an Xfinity home automation system, your TV, or even replacing your keyboard and mouse.”

The innovative device is not cheap, but not ridiculously priced either. The starter kit which includes the band and sensors (yes, really, that’s it!), are believed to cost between £117 and £147 when Reemo launches in August. You may feel like superman in the short-term, but beware of the risk that you’ll never leave your bed again.

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