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Future Tech: 

Sharp is making a robot smartphone (yes, really)


Sharp’s robot smartphone is certainly different.

If you thought some of today’s larger phones and phablets were getting out of hand, then you might want to look away now. Sharp’s new device is 8-inches tall, 390 grams and – hmmm, we’re sure we’re forgetting something – oh yeah, it’s shaped like a chunky humanoid robot.

It’s called RoboHon, and although it may look and act like a character from the next Toy Story movie, it is indeed a real smartphone that will be released next year. It has a 2-inch touchscreen on its back, a camera, and will make and receive calls like any other device.

Well, maybe not quite like any other device, but it will make calls. To do so, you’ll just need to speak into its feet, while lifting the bot’s mouth up to your ear like its whispering secrets. See what that looks like in the video below;

Now, you’ll notice that RoboHon has several other important features. As well as being able to talk, walk and dance, Sharp’s robot smartphone has its own artificial intelligence so it can learn your habits and interact accordingly. Like Siri or Cortana, it will also perform functions and answer questions on-demand, and can even identify friends with facial recognition.

RoboHon has an original operating system and – unlike Sharp’s other devices – it’s not based on Android. Amazingly, it also has a projector hidden in its forehead which you can use to beam movies or photos onto the wall.

With all these great functions, surely it won’t be long until Sharp’s robot smartphone begins to feel like one of the family – indeed, the more you learn about it, the more useful it begins to sound. Then you remember that it’s robot smartphone, and – perhaps its our vanity shining through here – you’ll look completely ridiculous using it.

Sharp hasn’t given any indication on pricing yet, but the company has said RoboHon will be available in Japan from early 2016.

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