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Future Tech: 

RocketSkates are the ultra-fast rollerblades of the future

rocket skates

Flying cars and Iron Man costumes may still be movie material, but smart footwear has arrived sooner than we expected.

Los Angeles based startup Acton has just introduced RocketSkates through a Kickstarter campaign – a futuristic take on the classic rollerblades. Despite what the name suggests, it uses battery-powered hub motors controlled by an on-board CPU and not rockets to propel users along the road.

What’s cool about RocketSkates is that they are not controlled through a remote or an app. The wearers use their feet to manage speed by tilting forwards to accelerate or backwards to reduce speed and break. Another notable adjustment of the smart design is that you can walk when you choose to without having to remove the skates. This development allows you to wear the RocketSkates indoors without the fear of having to deal with stairs.

The RocketSkates come in three different versions all of which can travel at up to 12mph: the ‘Rocket Red’ R6 has a 45 minute/six mile range; the ‘Terminator Chrome’ R8 a 70 minute/eight mile range; and the ‘Deep Space Black’ R10 a 90 minute/ten mile range. The lithium-ion batteries on all models take 90 minutes to fully charge.

Given our previous experience with smart products it’s no surprise that RocketSkates communicate with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth to provide you with maps and routes as well as the ability to network with other RocketSkates users.

Pledging for $50,000 the Kickstarter has already snatched more that $210,000 showing that people want a little bit of magic in their daily transportation. That little bit of magic will of course cost a fair bit since US$399 (£230) is what you have to pay for a pair of RocketSkates. October 2014 is the expected shipping date.

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