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Future Tech: 

Could these futuristic kits improve the next Rugby World Cup?

As the 2015 Rugby World Cup passes the halfway line, several big names have already bitten the dust. The likes of England, Italy and a resilient Japan side are down and out, and will now look at improving their game ahead of RWC 2019.

Fortunately for them, a lot can change in four years – and this also applies to technology. While this year’s Rugby World Cup saw the debut of the Hawkeye video camera, the rapid growth of wearable tech could present many more opportunities in the sport’s future. From boots and jerseys, to gum shields and headguards – rugby kits could be set for a revolution of their own.

So, courtesy of online betting service Bwin, here are nine ways the rugby kit could evolve before the next tournament.

future-rugby-kit-wearable-tech-1 future-rugby-kit-wearable-tech-3future-rugby-kit-wearable-tech-9 future-rugby-kit-wearable-tech-2 future-rugby-kit-wearable-tech-8future-rugby-kit-wearable-tech-4future-rugby-kit-wearable-tech-5 future-rugby-kit-wearable-tech-6Wristbands

All images via Bwin.

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