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Future Tech: 

The self-driving car for Generation Z


This Mercedes is self-driving its way into the future.

What will cars look like in 20 years’ time? This, if you believe Mercedes-Benz.

It’s just unveiled its latest concept car, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo. Fittingly, as it’s at the Tokyo Motor Show, it’s designed for the capital of Japan, and is aimed squarely at Generation Z (i.e. those born after the Millennial Generation).

So how does it appeal to today’s youths? With a car that’s straight out of Tron, obviously, and with its cool blue lights and sleek, rounded design. But it’s also bursting with new features.

For starters, it doubles as a chill-out zone. That’s right, according to Mercedes, the car of the future “can be turned into a hip living space”. There are no front and back seats; instead, everyone sits around a large, oval-shaped couch like you’d find in a swanky bar. Seeing as it’s an autonomous vehicle, everyone is free to chat and enjoy the journey, or maybe have a game of cards.


Holographic projectors don’t exist yet, but when they do you’ll find one in your Mercedes.

The windows are screen printed the same colour as the car, giving the occupants privacy, and the holographic display shows maps, apps and the display from the entertainment system. It also boasts the same kind of Deep Learning tech as Siri and Google Now, along with algorithms that help it learn more about you with every journey.

The light-up section on the front can be set to pulse in time with whatever’s on the radio.

If you really want to take control, a driver’s seat can be released from the centre of the couch, like the jump seat in an aircraft cockpit. The steering wheel also adjusts into driving position.

Like the F 015 unveiled at this year’s CES, this is just a concept and so will never go on sale. But if the future of driving is anything like this, we’re sold.

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