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Future Tech: 

App-controlled coffee machine pours the perfect cup


The perfect cup of joe at the push of a button

Tired of relying on smug baristas to get the best out of your beans? Meet Bruvelo – a coffee machine that will make you a coffee expert at the push of a button.

Bruvelo is a smart, WiFi-connected coffee brewer that is paired with a mobile app to give you total control over the preparation of your coffee. Part of a Kickstarter campaign with still 25 days to go, Bruvelo has managed to snag just under $70,000 of its $150,000 goal.

It features three ‘Flavor Profiles’, that bring out different characteristics of your freshly roasted beens. Use the app to choose between Delicate, Balanced and Robust options and the Bruvelo will adjust the grind and brew settings to personalize coffee to your own liking.

Using the app you can alter the coffee-making process using different steep times and control settings such as temperature and ground-to-water ratio. Once you find the perfect balance for your taste buds, you can save the recipe and replicate it in an instant.

The Bruvelo also features a built-in weigh scale so you can measure your beans to perfection, while it maintains the optimum 199⁰F throughout the entire brew process.

With home and kitchen appliances increasingly seeking to sync with our smartphones, Bruvelo hopes to do the same for coffee makers. Even if you’re a coffee-making pro already, it’s hard to complain with a pot you can brew from your bed at the push of a button.

An early bird version of the Bruvelo will cost you $300 and delivery is planned for June 2015.

Photos: Bruvelo

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