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Snapchat to make the news disappear

Disappearing news, videos and ads!

Disappearing news, videos and ads!

Rumor has it that the ghostly messaging service Snapchat, will cast its disappearing spell on more than just pictures. According to an article by Wall Street Journal, Snapchat will expand its services to videos, news stories and ads.

Named Snapchat Discovery, this new feature will offer users the chance to see snippets of videos, ads and news features by holding their finger on the screen, exactly the same way the app operates at its present state. We still have no indications whether Discovery will come as an independent app or be integrated in the existing one, but early discussions point to November for a potential launch.

Following the footsteps of other contemporary messaging apps Snapchat must now face the challenge of turning a great idea into a profitable venture. WhatsApp for instance charges users 99 cents after a year of free use. International players such as Japanese chat app Line make money from in-app purchases of digital goods whereas Chinese app WeChat, uses video games played within the app to make profit.

Last year Snapchat raised funding of more than $2 billion that led to a $3 billion acquisition by Facebook. Critics and skeptics questioning the app’s potential to make money might have to reconsider since Discovery looks to be the first step towards making a profit. To back this notion we can take a look at the comments of Abby Hunt, a spokeswoman for Chicago-based Grubhub: “If it looks like it would be connecting us with new diners, we would consider it.”

This is surely great news for tech enthusiasts and existing users of the app since it will now integrate more options and become more useful. November is not that far away so stay tuned with GoExplore to get the latest news!

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