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Ace! Sony tennis sensor helps raise your game

The sensor will make sure you swing the right way

The sensor will make sure you swing the right way

Sports and technology seem to be developing a very productive relationship. The newest ‘fling’ between the two comes in the form of a Sony tennis sensor that will help you take your game to another level.

The sensor is incorporated at the end of your racket and using vibration and motion sensors, monitors everything you want to know about your game. Using Bluetooth the sensor transfers data such as speed of the ball, speed and type of your swing as well as the ball placement on your racket. The memory of the new gizmo can store up to 12,000 unique shots.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with Sony. At Prince we have built our brand around helping tennis players improve their game through innovative product design, so partnering with another brand who believes in a similar philosophy makes perfect sense for us,” said Tyler Herring, Vice President of Product Development, Prince Global Sports, as reported by 10sballs.

Watch out Roger Federer!

Watch out Roger Federer!

The Tennis training gadget is aimed at a wide variety of users, from pro athletes looking to compete for Grand Slams to amateurs that just want to work their game up to a competitive level – this sensor seems to be able to make it possible.

“We’ve had some feedback from users who were able to improve, for instance, their backhand or where the ball hits the racket,” said Yoshihiro Nakanishi, a user experience planner at Sony, as reported by Techhive.

This brilliant idea is unfortunately still in the works as a concept and we have no solid indications as to when it will hit the stores. Whether you are a tennis fan, a tech-enthusiast or both, though, this sensor is worth keeping an eye on.

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