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The new Sony Walkman is here and it costs $1,200


It lives! The Sony Walkman rises back from the dead

From Quantum Dots to the new wave of wearables, this week’s CES 2015 is a chance for manufacturers to show off the latest and greatest in tech. It seems at least one exhibitor didn’t get the memo, though, as Sony’s exhibit puts the Walkman front and centre.

Hang on a minute – this isn’t like any Walkman you’ve seen before. For starters, the ZX2 doesn’t play cassettes and it costs a whopping $1,200. It also runs on the years-old Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, which dates back to November 2012.

We’re not really selling this, are we? Well, rest-assured Sony’s revived Walkman has the high spec to match its high price tag. While the original cassette Walkman was aimed at the masses – selling a total of 220 million units – this new reincarnation is designed for a niche crowd of audiophiles who won’t let anything short of the finest audio quality anywhere near their lugholes. Like Neil Young’s Pono then, the device is built to support massive file types such as DSD, WAV, AIFF, FLAC and Apple Lossless to help you achieve the very best listening experience.


The Sony Walkman WM2 launched in 1979 and went on to sell 220 million units

At this quality each song takes up an average of 150MB, but the Sony Walkman ZX2 has an incredible 128GB of memory, upgradable to 256GB with an additional micro SD card. There’s also 60 hours of battery life, which makes a nice change from the rapid-rinsing batteries in our smartphones.

Sony claims that listening to the ZX2 is the musical equivalent of “having a veil removed from your ears,” which, while being a fairly confusing analogy, does help us understand why somebody might want to own one. In fairness, the not-quite-as-expensive-but-still-really-expensive Pono was the third most funded project in Kickstarter in history – so perhaps there’s hope for the Walkman yet.

For full details on the ZX2, visit the Sony blog. For more news from CES2015, keep it locked to GoExplore.

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