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Take a peek at Pica Pic – a retro games goldmine

Pica Pic – a retro games goldmine

Eat my shorts – Bartman, and other assorted classics

Remember those handheld, retro games you played as a kid? Well, Pica Pic is a digital treasure chest of these electronic wonders, reanimating your childhood memories with super slick flash animation.

“That’s all well and good,” you might say, “but I’ve got GTA V sitting at home with its multi-layered narratives and gorgeous cut-scene explosions” You’d be making a fair point too, but think of Pica Pic like a digital museum in which you can explore the ghosts of gaming past – and even get your hands on the exhibits.

Of course, there is no shortage of options for reliving old computer games online, but navigating the bit torrent sites and emulators required to play them can be migraine inducing. With Pica Pic, each vintage micro-game loads up in seconds, complete with their original casing, release date and model number – giving the site a curiosity shop charm and a very real sense of collector’s pride.

The games themselves are hugely dated of course – and mostly completely disposable – but you’ll still enjoy browsing through familiar titles featuring The Simpsons, Donkey Kong and Mickey Mouse.

Perhaps even better are the less well-known games from further afield, many of which are quite bizarre. One personal favorite, for instance, is Nu, Pogodi! – a late 80s Russian gem in which you play a wolf tasked with catching eggs in a basket. Ah, simple pleasures – you can’t beat ’em.

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