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Tony Hawk Rides ‘World’s First Hoverboard’

Remember earlier this year when pro skateboarder Tony Hawk fooled the internet with a fake hoverboard promo? But wait, do you also remember last month when somebody made an actual hoverboard and raised nearly $500,000 via a Kickstarter? Well now, Hawk is being made to eat his words.

In the company’s latest video, Hawk can be seen riding what is being referred to as the “world’s first hoverboard” – and proving that yes, it does hover. Sort of.

As we wrote when we first covered Hendo in our comprehensive guide to real-life hoverboards – Hendo is not without its flaws. Most importantly, it only works over metal surfaces, meaning that commuting to work on this thing is pretty much out of the question. It’s also a cumbersome looking thing and – as the above video demonstrates – riding it sounds a bit like vacuuming the floor.

Still, it is a hoverboard, and if you skip the second half of the video then at least Hawk looks like he’s enjoying himself. In the meantime, Hendo has smashed its Kickstarter target and there are still 26 days remaining if you want to donate.

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