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Future Tech: 

Vessyl cup knows exactly what you are drinking

For all those that like to know the nutritional values of what they drink this product might just be your promised land.

The Vessyl cup identifies the beverage that’s poured into it, demonstrates its nutritional values like sugar, protein, calories and fat and also synchronizes all your drinking habits to your smartphone.


Furthermore, Vessyl keeps track of your daily fluid intake and displays your hydration level through a bright blue line, aiming to better your drinking habits.

The work-in-progress cup that looks more like a Thermos is so precise in recognizing the liquids you pour into it that it can differentiate between Gatorade Cool Blue and Glacier Freeze. It can even tell the difference between strong and weak coffee by recording caffeine intensity.

Justin Lee, the man who conceived this great idea, recruited Yves Béhar, the celebrated designer behind already successful projects Jawbone and OLPC, to help him materialize it.

The idea of tracking your food or drink intake has been around for some time now. Apps like Up Coffee, which records your caffeine use, require you to insert your consumption manually drink by drink. Vessyl is here to take things to the next level by providing a transparent, automated way to record nutritional values.

“Consumption is as important or more important as what we track through exercise,” says Lee, “so we developed a sensor that could instantly analyze the nutritional content of what’s inside a beverage … on a molecular level.” Adding to that, Lee went on to comment on the sensor used in Vessyl. “It’s the kind of sensor you’d use for quality control,” he said, “and the sensor doesn’t degrade. It’s non-contact.”

If this products excites you as much as it excites us then pre-order now for an earlybird price of $99, or wait till early 2015 when its expected to ship out for $199.

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