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Future Tech: 

Petal is a Virtual reality fan for immersive gaming

virtual reality petal fan

Ten years ago if you wanted an ‘immersive’ gaming experience the best you could do was to turn off the lights and sit really, really close to the screen. Now, thanks to virtual reality and Oculus Rift, players can step inside game worlds – and with Petal, they can even feel the breeze on their character’s face.

This small device plugs into the wall just like a regular fan, but also connects to your computer via USB and syncs with the game you are playing. It can change the speed of the air dynamically to match what’s happening on screen, and uses something called ‘Thrust Vectoring’ for directional control.

“Imagine finding your way out of a dungeon by following a faint trickle of air due North,” says Petal’s developer,  “or feeling the wind in your hair as you accelerate on the racetrack!”

The team behind Petal is hoping to raise $35,000 via Kickstarter to help manufacture their designs, of which they’ve raised nearly $4,000 with 28 days still left on the clock. So, if you’re interested, you know what to do.

Oh, and if all this talk of virtual reality and ‘Thrust Vectoring’ sounds like a lot of hot air (ahem), the designers promise it’s fully functional as a regular fan as well. Slightly less exciting, but hey, who doesn’t love a fan?

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