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Virtual World’s Fair is a VR theme park and it’s opening soon


The virtual reality amusement park could arrive as soon as 2017

Virtual reality promises to makes films and games more immersive than ever, but that’s not all it can do. There’s a whole range of virtual reality “experiences” on the horizon, one of which is the world-famous World’s Fair.

It’s being created by Landmark Entertainment, which has a background in making immersive experiences – it’s the company behind branded tie-in rides at theme parks for the likes of Terminator 2, Jurassic Park and the James Bond franchise. As well as the Virtual World’s Fair, it’s working on another VR app called Pavilion of Me and a series of VR-based attractions called Live Centers, which include digital art galleries and virtual zoos. So it’s not so much dipping its toe into the VR waters as jumping in headfirst.

Virtual World’s Fair is described as a digital theme park, with a series of worlds called things like Passportal and the Tower of Humanity. The big selling point will be the attractions and social experiences, so it will be more of a destination than some virtual hangout places. Don your VR headset, and you can meet and chat with other people doing the same.


Landmark Entertainment calls this zone the “Tower of Humanity’

You can also shop. Brands are understandably keen to get involved, so expect a shopping element to play a big part. Maybe you could experience a virtual reality demo that featured a product, then be offered the chance to buy said product. A game of tennis with Roger Federer, say, following which you could buy the same sneakers or tennis racket that he uses.

According to Landmark, by 2018, virtual reality will have 170 million active users. Virtual World’s Fair is earmarked to open in 2017 at the earliest. Get ready for The Lawnmower Man made real.

To learn more about the digital park, head over to Landmark Entertainment’s website.

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