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Future Tech: 

Wakie is the ‘social alarm’ that invites strangers into your bedroom

Can't decide if this cool or weird!

Cool or creepy? You decide.

How would you feel about a stranger waking you up every day? Before you say creepy we present you the Wakie App – a social alarm clock that puts your morning schedule in the hands of total unknowns from around the world.

Wakie operates on very simple principles. Once you download it and register your mobile number, age and gender, the app separates users into two categories: Sleepyheads and Wakies. Sleepyheads are the people who need an extra nudge to wake up whereas Wakies are the ones assigned to get the work done.

Setting your alarm clock at a specific time, the app will allocate a ‘Wakie’ user to call you and wake you up. The call could be coming from anywhere in the world and the app tries to match Sleepyheads and Wakies of the opposite sex.

Alarm clock or dating app?

Wakie is billed as a social alarm clock so whether you want to focus on the social side or you’re just looking for a free wake-up call – it’s completely up to you.  If you are interested on the social aspect you might find it a bit challenging, though, since you only have 60 seconds to charm your caller before the call is terminated.

But what happens if your Wakie forgets to call? Don’t worry, the app’s developers don’t want you to be late for work anymore than you do, and an automated call is in place to kick you into gear.

If you are brave enough to use the app, let us know of what you think and don’t be shy to share your stories with us in the comments below.

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