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World Cup 2014 being filmed in 4K

world cup to be filmed in 4K

So should you buy a new TV?

Well, no. You see, Sony has teamed up with FIFA to shoot several matches of the World Cup in Brazil this summer in glorious, ultra-HD 4K. However, there are no plans to broadcast the content. The recordings will be used as part of an official film after the tournament draws to a close.

I can follow my team in 4K, then?

Definitely, maybe. Only three world cup matches will be shot in 4K. These include one match from round 16, one quarter-final and the final. Providing your team can muscle their way out of the group stages, you just might be able to cheer them along in the world’s clearest broadcasting. It’ll be like the official Adidas Brazuca ball is in your living room, as it balloons over your curtains and onto the garage roof.

What’s the tech involved?

Among other dedicated kit, Sony will use a CineAlta 4K PMW-F55 live camera.

“FIFA has a proud track record in embracing innovation at our flagship competition, to make sure that soccer fans around the world receive the very best in-match coverage and experience,” said FIFA director of TV Niclas Ericson. Let’s hope that experience involves plenty of 14-6 scorelines and moments of magic from the world’s best players.

Oh, and before you go, check out this awesome version of the Brazuca, kitted out with camera tech.

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