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Internet heroes: 

Meet ESET’s Internet Heroes

What makes an internet hero?

When ESET first sat down to think about heroes of the internet, what was soon established was that this is no easy task. Sure, there are people like Jeff Bezos whose website has fundamentally changed the way we live our lives, but does that alone make the internet what it is? We all have our favourite websites, but something was missing.

The web means many different things to many different people, and it’s this diversity which makes it such a special place. Everyone using the internet has a unique story – and without those ‘ordinary’ people, life online would be a lot less interesting.

ESET’s internet heroes

As we begun tracking down the website-owners, YouTubers and blog stars that the world already loves, ESET also set about finding it’s own internet heroes. These people may not have grabbed the headlines, but their stories tell us just as much about how the internet has enriched our lives.

In this series of short films, we met with people from around the world to learn what impact the web has had. In what different ways do people use the internet? How has it helped them? And – most scarily of all – what would they do without it?

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Seen something great online?
Seen something great online?