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NYC Crying Guide: Where Is Best To Cry In The Big Apple?


Kerry O’Brien, NYC Crying Guide

New Yorkers! Is inner-city pressure getting you down? Are you looking for a quiet place to sob into your sleeves away from pressures of prying eyes? Look no further than the NYC Crying Guide.

Created by New York-based comedian Kerry O’Brien – who boasts ‘6 years of passionate crying experience’ – NYC Crying Guide is reviewing the city’s streets, shops and bars to find the best and worst places to let it all out. Never again will you get caught bawling your eyes out in AT&T (“I walked out just as teary as I walked in”), when there’s a zip car parked around the corner for a more luxurious weep (“An absolute dream come true.”)

We spoke to Kerry to find out more about the NYC Crying Guide, how she got started and her favorite type of tissue.

It says on the site “This is a parody blog intended for entertainment” – what’s it a parody of?

I made it to be a crying parody of Yelp. When the blog originally got some attention, a few of the people who were contacting me were unaware that it was written in a fake voice. They actually thought I was crying in all of these places and these were factual recounts of my cries. I put up that disclaimer to avoid confusion and also so that the companies I was fake-reviewing wouldn’t sue me.

Last we saw you had over 200,000 visitors – why do you think the blog has struck such a chord with people?

 I feel like every big city resident has cried somewhere embarrassing. I see people crying as I’m walking around constantly 
The attention was very fast. I put a link to the blog up on Twitter around 7pm one night and by noon the next day New York Magazine had emailed me asking for an interview. It was crazy! The blog also had only four posts at the time. It was just something quick I made to make fun of myself for crying so much and I never intended to keep updating it or really have more than a dozen people see it. The attention was really fun and incredibly surprising. I think it struck a chord with people because lack of privacy is such a universal city life thing. It’s about New York, but I feel like every big city resident has cried somewhere embarrassing. I see people crying as I’m walking around constantly.

What sort of comments/questions do you get from people contacting you on the web? Do you get visitors from all over the world?

I mostly get a lot of personal crying story emails. In fact, I have hundreds of unread stories in my inbox because I was getting so many to keep up. I should start reading them again because they’re all very funny and sweet. I do get visitors from all over the world – I’d say half of the followers on Tumblr are from out of town. A few people made crying guides for other cities and a couple colleges made their own as well. The craziest thing to me was when international publications from France, Italy and Spain started reaching out to me. I NEVER saw that coming.

Any plans to go outside of New York with the crying? Where else is good to cry? We’ve heard Vegas is good.

Oh, yes. I love crying and I love traveling and I’ve done a fair share of the combination. It’s a great combo. I much prefer countryside travels to spend crying. All that crying freedom! Vegas is great since the casinos are open 24 hours – there’s nothing like a 4 am penny slot machine cry.


IKEA, Brooklyn – “A terrible, anxious cry from the start”

What have you learnt about crying from your time as a crying blogger?

I’ve mostly learned that people love joking about crying, which is awesome. It’s best to laugh about your seemingly “weakest” moments because they can be ridiculously hilarious.

That’s how it all started – I was crying constantly for a few weeks in the winter time of last year after a sudden breakup, so I wasn’t even able to do the street or park bench cry because it was so cold out! One day, a couple weeks into my incessant tear-stream, I was thinking about where would be best to go to cry for lunch. I worked in midtown at the time, so every food place around lunch time is packed full. As I was weighing the pros and cons of each place to go in my head, I thought about the reality of the situation and started laughing for the first time in a while. Then I thought about how I had cried in line at the bank the day before, and the idea just came from all of that. I mean – I was really, really sad. So sad that it was hilarious. The blog is just a big catharsis for me!

What are some of your other favorite blogs? Is there anything on the internet that makes you cry?

Sentimental videos, of any subject, will make me cry instantly. They don’t even have to be sentimental they really just have to have sentimental music playing in the background. Also, Avery Monsen‘s Vines make me cry laughing. They are so funny. My all-time favorite comedy blog is Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half. I also love the A Women in Science tumblr, Wait But Why and all food blogs. They never get old.

What’s the best type of tissue?

The kind with that lotion on it! I think it’s for people who have a cold, but it’s very useful for people who cry all of the time. Skin gets dry quickly!


“Having a place where you can not only store your stuff, but also your extra emotional baggage is essential.”

On the 19th Nov on twitter you said you were happy to announce your web series just got picked up by YouTube… can you tell us more?

Ha – that was a joke about how every website is picking up a web series but mine was picked up by YouTube because anyone can put a webseries on YouTube. Just some ineffective self-effacing humor! I do have a ridiculously fake webseries, Shy In The City, I started last year and have been filming new “episodes” with new awesome guests that will be coming out soon.

You joined Twitter years ago but have hardly tweeted, are you not a fan?

I’m a big fan of Twitter, but I mostly enjoy being a spectator. I can only think of a decent tweet once every few years. I love watching people that can tweet great stuff every ten minutes, though – it’s awesome.

Any other plans for your crying? A book, perhaps? Movie?

Yes! There are a few crying-related things cooking right now that I can’t mention here just yet but some fun things are hopefully coming soon!

Number one favorite place to cry in NY?

Hands down: a street corner on a nice spring day. Nothing better.

For more tips on crying in New York, read the NYC Crying Guide in full.

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