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7 tips and tricks for mastering Apple Music


Now that Apple Music has officially launched, you’ve probably already had a good nose around the app and begun to make yourself familiar. But why not get to know it a little better with some handy tips and tricks?

Given its very recent inception, it’ll take a bit of time to see how it stacks up against the likes of Spotify, but in the meantime, here’s 7 features to help you master the new phenomenon that is, Apple Music.

1. Free Trial

For those that want to just test the waters a little first, a piece of good news. Apple Music is being made available as a free trial for three months, after which you’ll be billed at the regular price of $9.99 per month. But that’s three whole months to get your head around the new service and figure out whether or not it’s for you.

And don’t panic.

To make sure you don’t get billed after your trial has ended, all you have to do is open the Apple Music app, go to your account and select View Apple ID. Scroll all the way down to Subscriptions, and then tap Manage. From here you can turn off automatic renewel as well as cancel your existing membership. You can also go through the same steps in your iTunes Account Settings on your PC or Mac.

2. Offline Playback

When you’re off on the commute or hanging out in the middle of nowhere (for a bit of you time) with no data signal, you can still play your favorite tracks using the offline playback function. All you’ve got to do is tap the “…” icon which will bring up a host of other options, including the option to Make available offline. Just tap on that and your track will be saved into the ‘My music’ section of your library. You can also toggle the Show music available offline section and you’ll be able to see all of the tracks that you’ve been saving to listen to where and when you please.


3. Beats 1

Apple Music will come with its own dedicated radio station, Beats 1. The station will feature DJs from three of world’s most exciting musical cities, New York, Los Angeles and London. There’s also going to be a lot of special and more unique programming including interviews with high-profile artists and roundtable sessions with the likes of Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake. You can access the Beats 1 schedule straight from the app under the “Radio” section.

4. Add the music you most enjoy

There’s a quick and easy way to choose the music that best suits you using Apple Music. You can specify the genres and artists you like the most by going to your account page by tapping on the profile icon followed by Choose artists for you. Here you’ll be introduced to a wonderful collection of red bubbles on the screen, each of which represents a genre or artist. Simply tap away at all of the bubbles that match your criteria and you’ll be taken to a collection of music that Apple just knows you’ll enjoy.

5. Apple Music alarm

One of the great things about Apple Music is that you can save a track to your library and use it as your alarm for those early wake-up calls. Once you’ve saved the track, go into the Clock app and tap on the alarm tab. When you click on Sound, simply select the track you want to use as the alarm and voila. No more offensive alarm buzzers! Just the soothing sounds of, say, Katy Perry.


6. Siri Control

Apple Music comes with Siri integration, so with a simple press of the home button you can ask Siri for a particular track, album or playlist from your Apple Music app. So if you say, (we’re not here to judge) “Play some Katy Perry”, then Siri will take you straight to the artist’s tracks. Siri can also line up the track you want to hear next and even more impressively, it can even play the track that topped the charts on the day you were born. If you ask nicely (and clearly), of course.

7. Unique username

Everyone wants to be unique. With Apple services that’s often a tough ask, given the sheer volume of people signing up to various products and services. But if you sign up quickly enough you’ll have a far better chance of nailing down that perfect username, which will come up against comments you make throughout Apple Music.

In order to find your Apple Music username simply launch the app and tap on the Me icon in the upper left corner. Tap the icon with your initials in it and you’ll be taken to a second page where you can tap the Edit button and enter your desired username. Simple.

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