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Verified: How to get Twitter’s mystery blue tick


If only getting verified was as easy as pushing a button

Twitter’s blue tick for its verified users is the closest you can get to a knighthood in the digital world. You can have as many followers as you like, your Klout score can be through the roof, but what’s it all for if you can’t even win the battle over your own name?

Once welcomed into the Verified community you can rub shoulders with the stars and lord it over your peers – or underlings as you will now refer to them – presumably winning you even more fame, friends and power in the process. That’s how this works, right? But how do you go about getting Verified in the first place?

1) Understand the rules

Let’s get it clear from the off, our all-mighty Twitter overlords don’t go around giving blue ticks to just anybody off the street – you’ll need to earn it. According to the FAQ on its website, Twitter ordinarily concentrates on “highly sought users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas.” Other key interest areas you say? That could mean practically anything – we’re in with a chance!

2) Ask nicely

Not sure whether you qualify? You could always ask. Twitter’s @Verified account is where all the blue ticks are dished out, so tell them why you deserve one. Just don’t pester them too much, or risk being shut out of their elite club forever and ever.

3) Be excellent at Twitter

Twitter’s still ignoring your phone calls, huh? That’s rough, but it’s time to bring out your A game and show them what they’re missing out on. Below, comedians Hari and Ashok Kondabolu explain how being excellent at Twitter got them checks against their names.

4) Be excellent in real life

You think Barack Obama got verified by sitting around on the internet all day complaining? Verified ticks are awarded to people who’ve done great things, so get up and achieve something why don’t you? Or if that seems like a lot of effort…

5) Hire an agent

Okay, you’ve tried all the above and it’s getting drastic. You’ve asked Twitter to verify you so many times they muted your account. You’ve been doing big numbers in retweets and favourites and, in real-life, you saved multiple people from multiple burning buildings. Still no joy? It’s time to bring in the professionals. As WikiHow notes, “most celebs don’t petition Twitter for a verified badge by themselves; they have an agent do it for them” Call in the big guns then, and try to forget that you’ve spent the last 6 months of your life hopelessly pleading for Twitter’s attention.

6) When all else fails, cheat

Not even an agent could get you Verified? We don’t know what to tell you – maybe you’re just not cut out for this. Oh well, Buzzfeed has a cheat to get you verified in 12 seconds – albeit via Photoshop. That should be enough to stick it to those who doubted you – just don’t expect to feel good about it.

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