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Life Hacks: 

How to speed up your internet connection


As Christmas edges ever closer, scores of us find ourselves glued to our computers in a seemingly never-ending struggle to find the perfect Christmas gift for our friends and loved ones. And given the digital-friendly society we find ourselves in, this all takes place online at various retail websites across the world. To make the situation just that little bit easier, wouldn’t it be nice if we could speed up our internet connection? Well, we’ve rounded up a few key tips and tricks to help you do exactly that.

What’s the hold up?

Let’s kick things off with a few reasons as to why your internet connection may be a bit slow in the first place. Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons is that your web browser may be out of date. Many of today’s browser updates include speed-improving elements so it’s crucial to make sure you’re up-to-date with everything. It doesn’t take long either, so the next time you’re asked to update, just go ahead and say yes. Another simple solution is to make sure you regularly clear your web browser’s cache. A build up of temporary browsing files can definitely contribute to a slower internet connection.

Secure the area!

It might sound obvious, but do make sure your Wi-Fi connection is protected by a password otherwise anyone can use it. If people are using it that means they can easily log onto your network without your knowledge, thus causing a noticeable drop in connection speeds. If you don’t happen to have a password set up then we advise securing your connection as soon as possible. In order to do this you’ll need access to your router settings. Open up your browser and type in your IP address (usually found on the router itself). From the settings menu you’ll be able to set up a password so that your connection is secure. Easy.


Go for a scan

As easy as it is to dismiss virus scan reminders, we would suggest running a virus scan on a weekly basis if possible. As well as the obvious safety and identity risk that a virus can pose, it’s a killer for connection speeds. There’s really no excuse not to have one. It’s also wise to run a malware and adware scan on a regular basis. A lot of antivirus programs don’t offer this service so if you don’t already, grab a few anti-malware programs for your computer to avoid being connected to other servers, thus slowing down your connection speed.

Routing around

They’re not the most aesthetically pleasing things, but don’t try and hide your router away just to keep it out of sight. It’s best to place it somewhere high, whether it’s a bookshelf or on top of a large standing cabinet. If there’s a few people living with you then the best thing to do is place the router somewhere central so that the signal can reach different areas of the house in equal measures. Just be sure not to place it in an enclosed space. A lot of routers these days automatically adjust themselves to avoid interference which is always a big help, but placement can add that little bit more when it comes to connection speeds.

Change the channel

Though this may help, it’s definitely one of the more technical solutions. Your Wi-Fi connection operates on different channels and when lots of people in your local area are using the same one, this inevitably causes slower connection speeds. Sometimes you’ll be able to manually change the channel to one that isn’t so busy, but we recommend referring to your router manual for specifics on this. If all else has failed, it’s definitely worth checking this out.

Hopefully this guide will help you achieve a quicker connection and a far less stressful Christmas shopping experience. Best of luck!

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