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This innovative clay fridge doesn’t need electricity


The fridge is made from a porous type of clay from Gujarat, India

Introducing the Mitticool fridge; a fridge that doesn’t require electricity to run. Sound like a fad? Well, in fact, this particular fridge could benefit not just the Western world, but have implications that reverberate across the developing world too.

The fridge is made from a porous type of clay from Gujarat, India, home to the Miticool fridge inventor, Mansukhbhai Prajapati.

Prajapati says, “The fridge is not harmful for our health. It’s totally eco-friendly and there’s no maintenance like other refrigerators.”

How it works

It works on the principal of evaporation. The process begins by feeding water into a holding tank, which can store up to five gallons. The water gradually drips down through the clay, and in a warm environment the water will evaporate, thus cooling the clay which helps to cool the contents of the fridge. The temperature in the fridge itself is apparently eight-degrees Celsius cooler than warm temperature.

As well as keeping vegetables cool, there’s a small tap on the front of the holding tank that can be used for drinking water. The bottom shelf can also be used to store dairy products as well as vegetables.

The Mitticool fridge is designed with the ‘common man’ in mind, in the words of Prajapati. This is supported by the relatively cheap price tag at $50, aiming to be an alternative for rural people who can’t afford a conventional refreigerator.

It could be of particular use to those in the developed world, where a lack of electricity leads to rotting food eventually going to waste during the transport process of the supply chain. Mitticool represents a step forward for those trying to run a business in these parts of the world, and at present Prajapati sells 230 units across India, Kenya and the UAE.

For more information on the Mitticool fridge, check out the video below.

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