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Giant six-legged robot crab to patrol ocean floor

Robot Crab

The Crabster CR200 rises to a terrifying 1.8m when it rears up

A huge six-legged robot crab, you say? Go on…

For centuries the only thing that has kept us safe in deep seas is the kind hearts of mermaids. Now, inevitably, we have the Crabster CR200 – a six-legged robotic crustacean.

Developed by the Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST), the Crabster weighs in at over half a ton, is 2.4m long, 2.4m wide and 1.3m tall, rising to a terrifying 1.8m when it rears up.

Excellent, but… why?

Intended for the most perilous of undersea exploration (what we’ve decided means ‘finding and battling giant robot sharks’) its six legs contain 30 motors, allowing dexterous control from the remote pilot. Once on the ocean floor, to a depth of 200m, it will adapt its posture according to the surface and, using sonar, will scan the landscape for objects of interest (robot sharks).

What are the challenges? Will it kill us all?

One of the main obstacles the Crabster team reportedly faces is speed, with the creature currently covering just 10cm/per-second. Still in testing stages, its first mission will be hunting for ancient treasures in the Yellow Sea. Beyond this, the possibilities are many, with hopes the beast will conduct extensive mapping, inspect wrecks, work on pipelines and keep the deep blue a safer place for all of us.

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