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The healing powers of a cat’s purr

Be honest, you opened this page hoping for more cute cat pictures – didn’t you? Now you’re here, though, you’ll be glad to learn of the medicinal powers of a cat’s purr. 

As it turns out crazy cat ladies of the world may not be so crazy after all – healing their aches and pains by simply clinging on to their feline friends. So, to find out how a simple cat’s purr can lower your blood pressure, heal infections and make you 40% less likely to fall victim to a heart attack – study the below infographic.


Infographic designed by Gemma Busquets.

Homepage Photo: Broker/REX
  • Justin Tang

    Yeah well what if you’re allergic?… then it’s just Hell.

  • Teena Robben

    I’m allergic!! Still a cat owner.. Took injections.. Gave me a headache.. Then when I asked about the cat/dog allergy.. They said they weren’t treating me for it because I was exposed to it..
    Ok .. That made no sense.. What aren’t we exposed to?
    But they will treat you for grass trees ragweed pollen?
    I stopped taking the shots.. Headache went away

  • Roger Barr

    Fortunately I cannot stand cats!!!

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