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Is it possible to walk on water?

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The last time you threw a stone and watched it skip across the water, didn’t you ever think what it would be like to walk across water yourself in a similar manner? Why not? If a stone can do it, why can’t you?

A recent video that seemed to show someone running on water for all of about three seconds ended up going viral. But the good folks at the Science Channel have ended all speculation with some basic scientific arithmetic.

Apparently, in theory, it is possible that water can support the weight of a human being. However, before you get too excited at the prospect, this can only be accomplished if the individual has enormous feet (and we mean enormous), or if they run insanely fast. For the purposes of this article, insane can be defined as at least three times as fast as Usain Bolt, the fastest man on the planet. He can reach up to approximately 10.4 meters per second.

So once we’ve done the calculations, that means that if you can find a way to run about 30 meters a second, you have the chance to actually walk on water.

A viral video showed people in Kuala Lumper, apparently walking across water. In the end it was revealed that a substance known as non-Newtonian fluid was being used, not water. This kind of fluid becomes solid just as pressure is applied – so when you walk across it.

Nonetheless, we’re just glad to know that it’s possible. I bet there’s never been more motivation to hit the gym.

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