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This is what Thanksgiving Dinner looks like in space


The presentation could use some work, but we’re sure it tastes great. Right?

There are lots of advantages to living in space. There’s the view, for instance, and the peace and quiet up there amongst the stars. The food, however, leaves a lot to the imagination.

It’s particularly tough to stomach during Thanksgiving, when those in space (there are currently six) are reminded that families across the United States are tucking in to turkey dinners, lovingly prepared from well-stocked kitchen cupboards.

What does Thanksgiving dinner look like in space? Well, NASA just released a short video showing exactly what’s on the menu.

There is of course no oven on the International Space Station, so those on board have to make do with the modest facilities. Still, even 240 miles above Earth, the astronauts are able to pull together a dinner of turkey, candied yams, potatoes and the somewhat less appetizing rehydratable corn.

To prepare the main event of this hearty space feast, astronauts must first fill a packet of dehydrated turkey with hot water from a special machine and set it aside to rehydrate. This takes a while, but once done the team can cut into the plastic package and get their chops around the meaty mush.

No one said space was going to be glamorous. Here’s hoping there’s a tasty rehydrated dessert to wash it down with.

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