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They Did What?: 

10 incredible finds on Google Street View

There are many great reasons for Google Street View to exist. Perhaps you’re trying to make head or tail of some confusing directions, or maybe you’re booking a hotel and want to do a quick check on the neighbourhood? As ever, Google has the answers.

While surfing the streets on Street View or Google Earth, though, it’s inevitable that you’ll stumble across something unusual eventually. Below are 10 of our favorite finds – from the funny and the peculiar to the downright worrying.

1) Suburban Samurais

google street view

These two noble warriors were spotted on Google Street View back in 2011 – their swords raised to the sky as they prepare to enter combat. The setting? A sleepy Pittsburgh suburb at what looks like the crack of dawn. Our heroes can no longer be found at their original Street View location, but we like to think they’re still duking it out in a nearby car park.

2) Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, only more terrifying

google street view

If you happened to be snooping on the streets of Musashino, Tokyo via Google you may have been stunned into silence by this terrifying flock of half-bird half-human monsters standing in formation. What can it all MEAN? Well, it turns out it was all a prank set up by Japanese blog Daily Portal Z who spotted Google’s Street View cars in the area. That’s what they want you to think, anyway.

3) A romantic proposal (sort of)

Google Street view marry me

We’re not in the business of judging marriage proposals (although it is a position we’d consider), but we can’t help but feel this gesture is let down by the presentation. Okay, fine, it’s romantic – but are you really going to walk down the aisle with a person who jumps so haphazardly between upper and lower case? Not to mention the spelling ‘U’ and its spacing next to ‘Will’ – let’s be honest, this is a disaster.

“I’m sorry, it’s a no from me. Can you clean all this up please? It’s making me feel weird”

4) Déjà vu

google street view

Two possibilities here. This could be a glitch in Street View and you’re looking at just one man captured by Google a few seconds apart. Crazy, we know, but possible.

The more likely scenario is that these are two identical twins that have never met – separated by adoption and 4,000 miles. Each knew they had a brother, but where that brother was or if he was even still alive – that was another matter. Now, by sheer co-incidence, they find themselves on the same street WEARING THE SAME CLOTHES – both in their mid 60s – and minutes after this image was captured they will be locked in a tearful embrace. Make up your own mind.

5) Gucci baby

google-street view-gucci-baby

This one is sad on so many levels. Yes, there appears to be an abandoned baby outside of the Gucci store, but there is also nobody around on what presumably should be a crowded shopping street. Either this is freak image and the child’s parents are actually hidden behind the Gucci pillar, or this is a 28 Days Later-style scenario and the toddler is waking up to a zombie apocalypse.

6) A happy murder

google street view

Again, we sincerely hope this isn’t what it looks like. The giant grin spread across the face of the ‘murderer’, though, is a bit of a giveaway. Nice try, chaps.

7) A penguin riding a penny-farthing

google street view

Some things don’t need explaining.

8) A chase across this flooded bridge

google street view

There’s more to this than meets the eye.

Yes, the image of this flooded bridge in the Australian outback is a sight to behold in itself – but try viewing it on Google and spin the camera around. Scary, huh?

9) Masked hijackers?

google street view

Again, we have no context for this – but it’s existence is enough to put us off driving alone for the rest of our lives.

10) The Man Who Fell To Earth…

google street view

…in a 2003 Volvo. Quite how this car has gotten (and remains) in this position is another of life’s unanswerable questions.

Bonus find: Wayne Coyne taking a bath outside

google street view

We couldn’t leave you without this all-time favorite Street View find via NME. Yes, that is eccentric Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne taking a bath outside his front garden with a few close pals. Sadly, the image can no longer be found on Street View, and it looks as though he’s even planted a new row of trees at the scene of the crime. We wonder why?

Images via Google / Reddit/  Jon Rafman

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