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They Did What?: 

14 awesome tents that will make you king of camp

With the first festivals of 2014 just weeks away, it’s time to dig out your tent and see what sorry state you left it in last year. If you’re anything like us, it’ll be caked in a thick coat of mud, at least one tent pole will be missing and what pegs remain will be bent into completely unusable shapes.

Of course, you could give it a good scrub and go hunting in the attic for those elusive pegs and poles – or you could buy a tent that you actually want to take care of. Forget those 4-man monstrosities that are inexplicably only sold in earthy greens and blues, and consider these awesome alternatives fit for a camping king or queen;

1) The reader’s choice


The natural selection for bookworms, Field Candy’s Fully Booked tent allows you to wear your interests on your sleeve at this summer’s festivals. As long as your interests include The Natural World: The Complete Guide to Life on Earth, that is.

2. The VW Camper


You’re already going to a music festival, so why not invest in this VW camper tent and live the hippy dream for real?

3. The completely see-through bubble


Probably not a good idea to take this one to a field of 50,000 rowdy campers, but hey – it’s your decision. Just don’t come crawling to us when your fellow campers inevitably burst your bubble.

4. The urban camper

london underground tent

For those that just can’t leave the city behind, take a piece of it with you by buying this tent in the shape of a London tube carriage.

5. The sandwich



Maybe you just really, really like sandwiches? Snuggle in somewhere between the lettuce and tomato.

6. The glamper


If you have spare $9,000 lying around, why not camp in comfort with the Altair tent from Anthropologie. It’s basically a house inside, which sort of defeats the object.

7. The miniature opera house


Who said there is no culture in the great outdoors? This ridiculous opera house design by Belgian architect Axel Enthoven is a luxury mobile home worth making a song and a dance over.

8. The tent which is also a sofa

tent sofa


Sticking with posh tents from posh designers, this design from Philippe Malouin functions as a place to sleep but also folds up into a comfy armchair. Head over to Dezeen to see how it works.

9. The 2-second tent

Quechua‘s ‘2-second tent’ is all very well, but have you ever tried getting one of these things back in the bag? It’s rather more difficult than this video makes it look.

10. The solar tent

Orange solar tent

Orange’s ‘Solar tent’ comes with its own lighting, underfloor heating, a Wi-Fi touchscreen and a charger for your phone. You just better hope it’s not overcast.

11. The Tarzan


Don’t like sleeping on the ground? All you need is two trees to build this part-tent part-hammock from Tetnstile.

12. The ‘world’s most comfortable tent’

This Kickstarter project failed to reach its funding goal, but its designers are still determined to camp in comfort. Keep up with all the latest news on the Aesent website.

13. The ‘social network of camping’

social network tent

This pegged fortress by Gigwam was described by UK Campsite as the ‘social network of camping’. We’re not really sure what that means, but if there’s a few of you it could be fun to camp out in this Teepee village.

14. The tent you can wear as a jacket

Last, but most certainly not least, is the Jakpak – a tent that you literally wear as a jacket. That’s right – it’s a tent, but it’s also a jacket. Watch the demonstration to see it in all its glory.

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