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They Did What?: 

Artist creates perpetually melting sculpture

artwork body

Digital artist Takeshi Murata has premiered a new mind-bending sculpture that appears to be constantly melting.

According to The Creators Project, the work, named Melter 3-D, is by definition a zoetrope, described in fantastically arty language, as “a device that produces the illusion of motion from a rapid succession of static pictures, but it’s tangible.”

Make sense? No? OK

Well, the work is a kind of sculptural animation. It spins, creating a kinetic effect, with the help of strobe lights, which makes it look as if it’s melting into itself.

Murata spent months on a computerized version of the object, before making the real thing with help from engineers who normally create CGO projects in Hollywood.

Computer-based design

Born in Chicago in 1974, Murata now lives and works in New York and has been exhibiting his work since 2004. Discussing his work with The Creators Project, he said, “People who don’t work with computers aren’t sure about people like me. They might think a computer made the whole thing and I just pushed a button. Ultimately, I hope that the work inherently shows that there’s a human behind it and that people can have an emotional response from watching it.”

The Melter-3D sculpture was premiered at gallery Ratio 3’s space at the Frieze art fair, in London’s Regent’s Park.

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