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They Did What?: 

This Lego Springfield is the coolest tribute to The Simpsons ever

Delicious Krusty Burger... Mmmmmmm...

Delicious Krusty Burger… Mmmmmmm…

”I knew I would have to build Springfield” 

Graphic designer Matt De Lanoy is no stranger to constructing his own creations, with a massive Lego version of Futurama’s New New York last year as proof. This time the 36-year-old took on the greatest challenge of his career – building a Lego version of the legendary home town of The Simpsons: Springfield.

De Lanoy started with the Android’s Dungeon (where Comic Book Guy works) in January, and went on to build Krusty Burger in March. By mid-June he had finally managed to complete his herculean task of putting together the (almost) entire town.

The power plant in full view at the back

The power plant in full view at the back

After 25 seasons, The Simpsons has featured numerous buildings that couldn’t be included in this installation. “The first thing I did was consider what the most memorable buildings of the town are,” De Lanoy, who admits he hasn’t watched a new episode of the show in “well over a decade,” told Wired, going on to state that he picked “Marge vs. the Monorail” and “Homer the Great” (aka The Stonecutters Episode) as favorites. “I didn’t want to get too obscure, because when people see the layout I want them to be able to recognize the landmarks, even if they’re just casual fans.”

The prepackaged kit released by Lego for the Simpsons’ House “was too big to fit!” according to Lanoy.

Let's all go for some frosty chocolate milkshakes

Let’s all go for some frosty chocolate milkshakes

Lanoy’s repertoire is not limited to cartoon recreations; his portfolio features works such as the Phantom of the Opera, Super Mario 64, even the beloved cast of Team Fortress 2. His next project though might be the one to outshine them all. “I have two ideas I’m considering for next year’s Brickworld Chicago,” he says, “one of which would be based on Back to the Future.”

Can you even imagine the possibilities? Marty McFly? The Delorean? Hill Valley? Great Scott!

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