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They Did What?: 

Blood-sucking video game pulled from Kickstarter


Blood Sport was pulled from Kickstarter this week following controversy

Most gamers compete for pride, some battle it out for millions of dollars, and now one Kickstarter wants us to play for blood.

Blood Sport was in fact pulled from Kickstarter two days ago, but the pair behind the campaign has vowed to pursue the project while they attempt to resolve the dispute. It works like this; two Xbox controllers are rigged up to a blood collection system with an electric current running from the rumble pack to your arm. You then compete as normal in the esport of your choosing, until you crash, concede a goal or get shot in the game – at which point you pay for your mistakes in real-life blood.

This all sounds pretty dangerous, right? Kickstarter has a policy not to comment on campaigns it has suspended, but you can probably guess the reasons why. Blood Sport co-founders Taran Chadha and Jamie Umpherson, though, claim that their idea could help raise awareness for blood donation and encourage users to give up a little of their precious haemoglobin. Watch their video pitch below – or if you’re squeamish, perhaps skip this bit.

Speaking to Cnet, Chadha says even he wasn’t told why Blood Sport was pulled from Kickstarter – but he does have a few ideas: “Our guesses are that perhaps it has to do with our tie-in to medical equipment or charity, or safety concerns since we’re not officially partnered with a blood clinic yet – but we’re working on that.”

Chadha also claims Blood Sport will meet with blood-donation organizations this week to discuss how they can work together. Should they convince those organisations, they’ll still need to convince investors – at the time it was suspended the campaign had raised just over $3,000 of its $250,000 target.

To read more about Blood Sport, visit the project’s Kickstarter.

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