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They Did What?: 

The art of cheese puffs

What is it?

What if the Mona Lisa was made using only cheese puffs? How about if Van Gogh had painted his masterpieces using just kitchen condiments? This is the idea behind Eclectic Asylum Art, whose unique and eclectic creations mix leftfield concepts with genuine artistic craft.

Why do we like it?

      • Eclectic Asylum Art is continuously finding ways to create epic art with materials that you can find just strewn across the house. As well as canvas and digital masterpieces, there is a consistent culinary theme to their work – From cheese puffs to BBQ ribs ­– giving a new meaning to ‘playing with your food’. 
      • Some of the larger projects showcased on this artistic channel are truly-jaw dropping, and thanks to their use of time-lapse video recording we don’t have to wait around too long to see the final product, which still never cease to amaze. What’s more you can learn how to recreate the artworks at home, including a tutorial in drawing the Mona Lisa using MS Paint.

One to watch

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You call this art? I call it a waste of cheese puffs
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