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They Did What?: 

Man makes actual Assassin’s Creed rope launcher

The new game Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate has had mixed reviews, but there is one undeniably cool part of it – the protagonist Jacob Frye has a wrist-mounted rope launcher that he uses to scale buildings. One man decided that wasn’t quite enough, and made a real working version himself.

The man is none other than Colin Furze, wacko inventor par excellence, and the internet-age equivalent of a mad scientist. His previous projects include a bed that throws you out of it to help with getting up in the morning, his version of Wolverine’s adamantine claws, and the world’s fastest toilet. So he has previous.

The rope launcher is powered by a CO2 canister. Point it at your target and fire. If you’re a crackshot and the grapple hook lands where you meant it to, you have to attach the harness to the rope gun. Press the button, and it’ll winch you up.

The one in the game doesn’t have a harness, but it’d be nitpicking to criticise the real-world version for that.

Syndicate also features a hidden blade that pops out of its housing with the flick of a wrist. So Furze made one of those too. It looks pretty lethal, as is the rope launcher in the wrong – or inexperienced – hands.

As with all of his creations, Furze has posted videos detailing how he went about making them. But we wouldn’t advise trying them yourself. Not unless you’re very confident in your abilities, or are prepared to take a bruise or two.

For a full interview with the man Furze, check out our profile of him.

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