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Comic-Con 2015: This year’s best cosplay


Comic-Con 2015 is already well underway, and joining more than 100,000 superhero fans in San Diego are our partners ESET.

The cybersecurity geniuses were on hand yesterday to offer advice, but they also took part in the fun, teaming up with Nerdist Industries at one of the weekend’s largest activations.

Attendees dressed up in full superhero attire, taking a break between panels to test their mettle in a giant game of laser tag, and stopping by to play ‘Cyber Ninja Cards’ with ESET; a life-size ninja card throwing game. All visitors also received a ‘Cybersecurity Fortune Cookie’ on entry, with lucky winners able to redeem Visa® cash cards worth between $50-100.

Missed out? Not to fear, you can still see the finest cosplay that Comic-Con had to offer below. Meanwhile, visit ESET’s Comic-Con site to catch up on all the highlights and claim your free 30-day trial!

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Check back in next week for our full round-up of Comic-Con 2015, with more great photos and the biggest talking points from this year’s panels.

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