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They Did What?: 

Ecocapsule is your eco home away from home

We'd probably move it a little further away from the ledge, but we're sticklers for health and safety.

We’d probably move it a little further away from the ledge, but we’re sticklers for health and safety.

If we don’t raise the $113,000 we’d need for the luxury anti-zombie cabin, we’ve found a decent alternative in the event of the end of civilization. Meet the ecocapsule: a charming little self-sustaining luxury cabin to get away from it all/live out your remaining days as society breaks down.

Designed by the reassuringly pleasant sounding Slovakian firm ‘Nice Architects’, the capsule weighs in at 1500kg and can house two adults, despite its small appearance. Here’s the floorplan:


We really hope that body isn’t included.

Not a great deal of room to maneuver, then, but the ecocapsule does have some neat tricks up its non-existent sleeves. That kitchenette is powered by the solar panels and wind-turbine on its roof. What’s more, the flushing toilet and shower is powered by collecting rainwater. If the thought of drinking and showering in rain-water doesn’t appeal, then you’ll be pleased to hear that the ecocapsule has built-in water filters to purify it before it touches your body. Happy now, Princess?

Here’s a look inside.


And another:


It’s being pitched as emergency housing, tourist lodging or an independent research station. To be completely frank, only the last one makes sense to us – especially as the website currently lists no prices, except some eye-watering shipping costs, which start at €1500 (around $1600).

Best get those research grant application forms at the ready. This doesn’t look like it’s going to be cheap.

We’ll know for sure around the last quarter of the year, when the company promises to complete its first units. A pity: given its egg-like shape, they should really have scheduled an Easter release. The marketing copy just writes itself…

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