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What would Batman look like with an enormous beard?


Batman: 100% less impressive when picking last night’s dinner out of his beard

Why is it that superheroes are all so tediously well groomed? Does Clark Kent never fancy trying something new? Does Bruce Wayne never forget to pack his Gilette Fusion razor while away on business?

In a new series by Croatian illustrator Vanja Mrgan, some of our favorite characters have been reimagined with bountiful, bushy beards – and they look awesome.

You can follow Mrgan’s work at DeviantArt, but here are five of his best;

1.Bearded Wario


Wario is of course no stranger to exquisite facial hair, rocking a moustache which has painstakingly waxed into the shape of two lightning bolts. We think you’ll agree he looks all the more evil, though, with a matching beard.

2. Bearded RoboCop


The original RoboCop movie is nearly 30 year-old, meaning everyone’s favorite law-enforcing cyborg is probably getting on a bit. Don’t be too shocked, then, by his brilliant white beard in Mrgan’s drawing – suggesting an older but wiser RoboCop.

3. Bearded Clint Eastwood


Clint Eastwood has been pictured on-screen with beards before, but he lacks the dedication to grow a genuine bush. Based on the above drawing, this is something he should definitely correct in the near future.

4. Bearded Black Mage


The Black Mage is one of the best-loved characters from Final Fantasy, but what’s he hiding under that cloak of his? A ginormous beard, that’s what.

5. Bearded Dilbert


Last but not least, we particularly like this bearded Dilbert drawing, which transforms the usually very tidy office worker into a rugged man about town. It’s a good look for Dilbert – he still doesn’t have a chin, but with a beard you can at least imagine that he does.

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